The Cloud-based Software Solution
For Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation Plans

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Get The Smart Business Solution to Increase Your Payroll Business: The Innovative Pay-as-You-Go Workers Compensation Software System

SmartPay Solutions gives you the ability to compete against the nationals in their local market. Here's an innovative solution that help you build your business and increase your client retention rates. You'll attract new business and keep current clients by allowing them to payroll deduct their workers' comp premiums.

Outperform the Competition with SmartPay

  • Offer your clients the ability to select workers’ comp coverage from multiple carriers
  • Present the same services as the competition without the high cost
  • Develop alliances with local independent insurance agents
  • Levels the playing field – you can work with any client, any insurance carrier and any independent agent
  • Ability to private-label SmartPay
  • No cost to you, the payroll provider
  • Virtual software platform means you sign on today and offer pay-as-you-go immediately

Expand Your Client Base

  • Ability to offer competitive rates
  • Provide greater value and expanded services
  • Can now compete in your local market
  • Alliances with local independent insurance agents will help drive business to you
  • SmartPay can help you partner with additional insurance carriers and independent agents

Increase Your Client Retention

  • Help your clients with their cash flow
  • Results in increased client loyalty
  • Increased client retention results in increased revenue and profitability
  • Brands your company as progressive and on the cutting-edge

SmartPay gives independent payroll providers the ability to compete in the Pay-As-You-Go market. Interested in offering SmartPay's Pay-As-You-Go to your clients? What are you waiting for? Email us today to get your competitive edge!