The Cloud-based Software Solution
For Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation Plans

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Because It's the ONLY Cloud-Based Pay-As-You-Go Software Solution Equally Designed for Insurance Carriers, Independent Agents and Payroll Providers

National payroll providers are aggressively writing PAYGO Workers Compensation – directly impacting your ability to increase business, retain current clients and develop new ones. SmartPay gives insurance carriers, independent agents and payroll providers the ability to compete against – and outperform – the national payroll providers.


  • Is an unbiased software platform that supports the Pay-As-You-Go model
  • A universally accepted software solution designed to meet everyone's needs
  • Gives you the ability to write PAYGO Workers Compensation in-house immediately
  • Is completely virtual no need to install software in your office
  • Provides you with the tools to compete against all other Pay-As-You-Go programs
  • Is designed and built by experts in the Workers Compensation, payroll and insurance industries
  • Works with any insurance carrier, independent agent, and agent-friendly payroll company

The bottom line? SmartPay is specifically designed for insurance carriers, independent agents and payroll providers – giving you 100% control of the process; the tools to compete against any other pay-go plan; and complete ownership of your book of business.