The Cloud-based Software Solution
For Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation Plans

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Ready. Get Set. Go. With SmartPay!

SmartPay Works with You to Get Your Agents on Board

Every Insurance Carrier and Alliance is different. That’s why the first step is to set up an on-site or virtual meeting with your organization to discuss how you would like to incorporate SmartPay into your organization. We can also do a live or virtual demo for you and your team.

SmartPay Customizes Our Approach to Your Objectives

It’s your call. You tell us how you want to incorporate SmartPay into your organization. Even better – you can private label SmartPay under your name with your branding. Or, co-brand your organization with the SmartPay name. It’s up to you.

SmartPay Makes It Easy for Your Agents

Once you decide how to roll out the SmartPay Pay-As-You-Go Solution to your agents – it’s easy to get them on board! All they have to do is download the Agency SetUp Form so we can get them registered with SmartPay™. Then they are ready to start signing Pay-As-You-Go clients from your office or theirs. It’s easy. It’s virtual. It’s yours. You decide.

Ready to Introduce Your Organization to SmartPay?

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For Information About setting up your agents or agency on SmartPay, please email to or contact Dino Carbone, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at or give us a call at: 877-905-0786