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For Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation Plans

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Retain Your Broker of Record and Build Your Business with SmartPay Solutions The Innovative Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation Plan

Designed specifically for the independent insurance agent, SmartPay's technology gives agents the ability to compete against national payroll providers aggressively writing Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation plans.

New business development and client retention are critical building blocks for the independent insurance agent's business growth. SmartPay helps you attract new clients and renew existing business.

Most importantly - because SmartPay is a virtual agency controlled software system – you retain your Broker of Record relationships and your commissions.

Increase Business Development & Client Retention with SmartPay

  • Ability to quote your client’s business across multiple carriers vs. one
  • Provides increased ability to write new & existing business
  • Helps you increase client retention rates due to enhanced product and service capabilities
  • New ability to now work with any client payroll scenario, including third-party and in-house payroll

How SmartPay Works For You

  • Retain your Broker of Record relationships
  • Benefit from no premium limitations
  • Compete across diverse markets
  • Retain business even when clients change payroll
  • Outperforms national and local Pay-As-You-Go programs
  • Marketing support – client brochures, sell sheets, website template and online marketing also available at a nominal cost.

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SmartPay offers more than the typical Pay-As-You-Go plan. Sign up today to build your book of business and keep your current clients satisfied.